projecto curatorial + recente: participação no simpósio "FRONTEIRA" (Londres, 24 Out. 2009)

The 28th State: European Borders in an Age of Anxiety
Saturday 24th October 2009, 10am – 6pm
Tate Britain Auditorium

‘The 28th State,’ seeks to explore how cultural practitioners in Europe are engaging with the idea of borders – both literally and metaphorically. What is the role of art in framing visions of contemporary / future Europe? How are practitioners engaging with the idea of borders when much of contemporary practice is peripatetic? What do terms like ‘cross-cultural’ or ‘trans-national’ mean now? How will Diasporic experiences affect the Europe we are creating?

This one-day, practice-led conference aims to explore these key ideas through presentations, conversations and interventions by a range of artists, designers and thinkers from different parts of the EU. It will encourage dialogue and debate, as well as encouraging new thinking around one of the most pressing issues facing contemporary Europe.

SPEAKERS: Sonya Dyer & Paul Goodwin (introduction to the day), Raimi Gbadamosi (Chair of the event), Shaheen Merali (1st Keynote), Margareta Kern, European Alternatives, Metahaven, Elvira Djangali (2nd Keynote), Emilia Telese, Paula Roush, Inês Amado, Lúcia Marques.

‘The 28th State: European borders in an Age of Anxiety’ is organised in partnership with Tate Britain, and with the support of City Inn Westminster.

Paula Roush & Ines Amado in conversation with Lucia Marques

Participatory Architectures (archive, memory, revolutio

Participatory Architectures presents the results of the first field trip to Meia Praia, Algarve, for an investigative art project focused on the politics of space and mobility in the Southern Europe. It unfolds the architectural archive of the SAAL- the housing programme initiated after the Portuguese revolution of 1974- in the context of the touristic coastline of the European Union.

The quarter 25th April, made out of 41 houses built collectively by the so-called Índios (Indigenous) of Meia Praia is a radical experiment in participatory architecture, articulating the strong association between the local community and the littoral, a linkage that transformed the quarter into the vulnerable target of a spatial segregation campaign since the extinction of the SAAL programme in 1976.

The first phase of the Participatory Architectures project, is a cumulative work tracing the historic migration route of the Índios of Meia Praia, the SAAL archives, and the memory of the site in the context of current media representations of the case. The presentation will discuss the project within an ethics of artistic intervention, exploring technological platforms and an architectural re-enactment that mobilises archives and collective memory for an installation at the Parade Ground in January 2010.

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